How They Are Keeping Fit – Jason Doyle

The last 3 weeks haven't really been a struggle for me with keeping my fitness routine going.

I have been lucky…

Last year when we moved into our new house, my dream was to have a mini gym set up from home for which I went straight out and bought all the essential equipment i.e. a treadmill, spin bike, rowing machine and ski erg.

Whilst I like to focus on several components of fitness, my main priority is core work and forearm strength which is essential for racing on a speedway bike.

Although life is more important than just trying to stay fit, I still don’t want to lose the edge and all the  hard work which I have been doing since the start of February with what was the aim of being in peak condition for what should have been the start of the new season in March. Having all my own equipment at home allows me to now stay on top of this.

We are very lucky to live in a nice area where we can also go cycling away from main roads and walk our dog each evening when its quiet. Nevertheless, my wife Emily is still very strict on me allowing me out only once a day. It does make me laugh how she is bossing me around, but in truth this really is the only way to be.

I also have regular contact with my family in Aussie and they are in the same boat, so we are all having to do this together irrespective of whatever part of the World we may be living in.

When all is said and done the main thing is for me and my family to  stay safe and of course for everyone else out there too and then one day we can all hopefully look back and talk about the time when we were all confined to our homes looking for something to do. In my case doing some much needed painting and decorating.

I hope this gives you a little insight in to how the Doyle family is coping with this virus.

Keep safe everyone and let’s all keep being sensible during this tough time.

Kind regards



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