Collection: Hoka Running Shoes

HOKA running shoes are known for their thick midsoles and smooth transitions, making them ideal for a wide variety of running and training. They have an inbuilt meta rocker and a 5mm heel to toe drop.

On the road, across tricky terrains and on the track (and everywhere in between), HOKA are designed to work with your natural running gait cycle for soft landing, fast push off and ultra-cushioned ultimate comfort - taking you the distance.

What is unique about Hoka running shoes?

The following is what makes Hoka running shoes unique:


Hoka One One (often referred to simply as Hoka) is renowned for its maximal cushioning technology. Hoka running shoes shoes typically have thick midsoles with a high volume of cushioning foam, which provides excellent shock absorption. This design helps reduce the impact on joints and can be particularly beneficial for long-distance runners or those with joint issues.

Meta-Rocker Geometry

Hoka incorporates a Meta-Rocker geometry into the midsole design. This feature promotes a smooth and efficient gait cycle by guiding your foot through a natural rolling motion from heel strike to toe-off. This can enhance running efficiency and reduce fatigue.

Lightweight Construction

Despite their generous cushioning, Hoka running shoes are often surprisingly lightweight. This combination of cushioning and lightness can make them suitable for both training and racing.

Low Heel-to-Toe Drop

Many Hoka models have a relatively low heel-to-toe drop, which is the height difference between the heel and the forefoot. This design can encourage a more natural footstrike and may appeal to runners who prefer a more minimalist shoe feel.

Wide Toe Box

Hoka shoes often feature a roomy toe box, allowing your toes to splay naturally. This can enhance comfort and stability, especially during longer runs.


Hoka offers a wide range of running shoe models to cater to different styles and preferences. Whether you're a road runner, trail runner, or looking for a hybrid shoe, there's likely a Hoka model suited to your needs.

Innovative Materials

Hoka continually experiments with innovative materials and technologies to improve their shoes. In particular, commitment to research and development leads to the creation of various unique midsole foams and materials.


In recent years, Hoka has increased its focus on sustainability, incorporating recycled materials into some of its shoe designs and working toward reducing its environmental impact.

Versatile Design

While initially known for their maximal cushioning, Hoka has expanded its product line to include shoes for various types of running, including road running, trail running, and even racing. This versatility has broadened their appeal among runners of all kinds.