Collection: Altra Running Shoes

Our range of Altra running shoes boasts innovative design concepts, offering a range of running shoe features for both men and women.

Men's and Women's Altra Running Shoes

While many of these features are shared across genders, there are subtle differences in terms of fit and aesthetics accommodating differences between men's and women's feet. Here are some of the key features you can find in both men's and women's Altra running shoes:

Zero Drop Platform

Altra is famous for its zero-drop design, where the heel and forefoot are at the same level. This promotes a more natural and balanced foot strike, reducing the risk of overstriding and encouraging a midfoot or forefoot strike.

FootShape Toe Box

Both men's and women's Altra shoes feature a wide, square-shaped toe box. This allows the toes to splay naturally, providing ample room for toe movement and enhancing stability, especially during long runs.

Stack Height and Cushioning Options

Altra offers a range of cushioning options, from minimalist to maximalist. Runners can choose the level of cushioning that suits their preferences and running style. More cushioning provides greater protection on longer runs, while minimal options offer a closer-to-the-ground feel.

Gender-Specific Sizing

Altra offers gender-specific sizing and lasts to ensure a better fit for both men and women. Each gender has different anatomical characteristics. For example, women's shoes are typically narrower in the heel and forefoot.

Natural Ride

Both men's and women's Altra shoes provide a natural running experience by design. The combination of zero drop, FootShape toe box, and cushioning options creates a more natural and comfortable ride.

Foot-Centric Design

Altra prioritizes the natural shape and movement of the foot in both men's and women's shoe designs. This focus aims to reduce the risk of common running injuries by allowing the foot to function more naturally.

Diverse Models

Altra offers a variety of models for different types of running, including road running, trail running, racing, and everyday training. This ensures that both men and women can find the right shoe for their specific needs.

Color and Style Variations

Altra often offers different color options and styles for men's and women's shoes to cater to personal aesthetic preferences.

Altra Trail Running Shoes

Our trail shoes include the Loan Peak and Outroad models for both men and women. Trail shoes are specially designed for running off-road on uneven terrain, such as trails, mountains, forests, and rocky paths.

Need advice?

While many features are shared between men's and women's Altra running shoes, it's best to try on various models. At Sportlink we are experts in running shoes so please get in touch if you need advice.