Collection: New Balance Running Shoes

New Balance running shoes are known for several unique characteristics that are different rom other running shoe brands. We have a range of Men's and Women's running shoes and clothing. Use the filters to narrow your search.

Features of New Balance Running Shoes

The following features are some of what makes the brand popular among runners and athletes.

Wide Range of Widths

New Balance are known for offering a broad range of widths in their running shoes. They provide multiple options, including:

  • Narrow
  • Standard (D width)
  • Wide (2E/EE)
  • Extra-wide (4E/EEEE)

This is a significant advantage for runners with very wide or narrow feet. As a result, this commitment to width options means runners find a better fit, therefore comfort improves. Also, reduced potential foot issues.

Innovative Cushioning Technologies

New Balance incorporates various cushioning technologies in their shoes to cater to different runner preferences. For example, some models feature Fresh Foam, FuelCell, or Abzorb cushioning, each designed to offer a specific blend of responsiveness, comfort, and durability.

Focus on Stability

New Balance is well-known for its stability running shoes, which are designed to provide support and prevent overpronation. These shoes often feature medial posts or other stability features. As a result, this helps runners with flat arches or overpronation to maintain proper alignment. Therefore, reducing injury risks.

Classic Running Shoes

New Balance has a strong heritage in running shoes, offering classic models that have stood the test of time. Therefore, runners who appreciate retro styling and a timeless look often gravitate toward these classics.

Sustainability Initiatives

New Balance has made strides in sustainability by using eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and incorporating sustainable manufacturing practices. They have introduced shoes with recycled materials and take steps to minimize their environmental footprint.

Performance and Lifestyle Segments

New Balance offers a wide range of running shoes, catering to both performance-oriented athletes and individuals seeking comfortable everyday footwear. This versatility allows runners to find the right shoe for their specific needs.

Extended Sizing

New Balance offers extended sizing options, including shoes designed for people with larger or smaller feet, making it more inclusive for a broader range of customers.

Width and Length Sizing

New Balance takes into account both width and length when designing their shoes. This comprehensive approach to sizing helps ensure that customers can find a shoe that fits well in all dimensions.

New Balance Trail Running Shoes

New Balance offers a range of trail running shoes designed to meet the needs of off-road runners. For example, trail shoes are equipped with features that provide traction, stability, and durability for running on rugged trails, rocky paths, and muddy surfaces

Need advice?

It's important to note that New Balance's specific technologies and features may vary between shoe models, so it's essential to consider your individual needs, foot shape, and preferences when selecting a New Balance running shoe. Please get in touch with us at Sportlink if you need advice choosing the right runnings shoes for you. Or if we do not have the shoe you are looking for.