Collection: Men's Running Shoes

Men's running shoes from brands known for their quality and performance. Whether you're an experienced marathon runner or a casual jogger, Sportlink has the perfect fit for you.

Men's Road Running Shoes

All our road shoes have cutting-edge technology, with optimal cushioning, stability, and flexibility to enhance your running experience. Also with breathable materials and supportive soles, these shoes ensure comfort and reduce the risk of injuries.

Men's support running  shoes

Runners who overpronate benefit from wearing a support shoe. Overpronation is where your foot rolls in or flattens too much as you run. Support shoes have extra material on the inside of the shoe to resist inwards rotation.

Neutral running shoes

Neutral running shoes suit runners who have a neutral or normal pronation pattern. Runners with a neutral pronation have a fairly balanced gait, with the foot landing on the outside edge and then rolling inward slightly to distribute the impact. They don't overpronate (roll in too much) or supinate (roll too far outward). Neutral running shoes provide cushioning, support, and stability for these individuals without changing their natural gait pattern.

Cushioned running shoes

Cushioned running shoes for men suit runners who under pronate. The priority for over-supinators is cushioning when choosing running shoes.

Trail shoes

Men's Trail Running Shoes are specifically designed for running on off-road terrains, such as dirt trails, rocky paths, muddy tracks, and other rugged surfaces. Trail running shoes are built to handle the challenges of natural landscapes, providing extra protection and traction compared to standard road running shoes.

Men's running shoe brands

We have the following brands:


Brooks specializes in running shoes focussing on comfort, support, and biomechanical engineering. As a result, they are a popular choice among runners of all levels.

New Balance

New Balance running shoes for men offer a wide range of widths from narrow up to extra wide. This is ideal for runners with different foot shapes. They also offer both performance running shoes and casual sports shoes.


Saucony is proud of its cushioning technologies and a variety of shoe models designed for different types of runners, including trail runners.


Asics is a brand with a strong presence in the running community. In particular, its Gel cushion technology and support shoes are popular with runners of all levels.


Hoka men's running shoes are popular for its maximal cushioning design. As a result they provide excellent shock absorption and comfort for distance and trail runners.


Mizuno is known for its Wave cushioning technology and has a dedicated following among runners who appreciate their supportive and responsive shoes.


Altra's zero-drop platform and wide toe box design in their men's running shoes, promote a more natural and comfortable running experience.

On Running

On Running has gained recognition for its innovative Cloud cushioning technology, which provides a unique combination of cushioning and responsiveness.