Collection: 361 Running Shoes

At 361 Running Shoes we try to keep things simple... So we try to make shoes that deliver a specific running experience.

What is the best 361 Running Shoe for me?

Simply decide if you need soft or fast, neutral or stability.

Soft versus Fast

We use 'soft' and 'fast' as the key terms to explain what the feeling is you should get from the shoe.

  • 'Soft' means more comfort and cushioning.
  • 'Fast' means more responsiveness and a faster feel.

Faster shoes are for faster runners! However, don't get discouraged. Picking a faster 361 running shoe is always good if you want to alternate your running speeds and distances. Therefore, use a faster shoe for a faster run or race. Then, use a shoe with more comfort and cushioning for longer, slower paced runs.

Neutral versus Stability

But you may also have heard about neutral running shoes versus stable running shoes. Or you have heard about neutral runners versus over-pronators. Without making things too complicated if you know you need a more stable shoe, we have a selection.

However, if you don't know, and if you haven't had significant injuries, you can pick a neutral pair of running shoes. Also, if you've been running in more stable shoes, or you have been advised to run in stable shoes then pick one of those.

We carry shoes that provide different levels of stability. The 361-Nemesis is our most stable shoe. The 361-Strata provides a balance of comfort and stability and the 361-Sensation is a shoe that combines a faster feeling with mild stability.

How to select the right size of your new 361 running shoes!

In order to choose the right size you can just follow the below steps.

1) Grab a piece of paper and a pen.

2) Capture the length of both your feet by standing on the piece of paper, heels and the paper against the wall, then draw a line at the furthest point of your feet. Most of the time this is your big but sometimes it can also be the second toe.

3) Measure the distance from heel to furthest point in centimeters for both feet.

4) Choose the longest foot as a base, then add 1cm or 1,5cm (depending on whether you like your shoes more roomy or not)

5) When you buy really fast shoes like the 361-FEISU you might want to reduce the 1-1,5cm. Our experience with professional athletes is that they like their race day shoes to be more tight fitting, so no chance of slippage and all energy is put into accelerating to that finish line!!!

6) Then look at our 361 running shoe size chart and pick the centimeter size of your shoes. You'll find the corresponding US or UK size in the chart.

Select width

If you need a wider version of your favourite shoes, because of the (wider) shape of your feet you will be able to find them with the extension to the model name;

1) For women: 361-MODEL NAME (D - WIDE)

2) For men: 361-MODEL NAME (2E - WIDE)