Dark Matter

Dark matter...

Don’t let the dark stop you from running this time of year.

It can seem a bit daunting but stay alert and follow this advice and there’s no reason you can’t keep clocking up the miles long after the sun sets…

Avoid loud music
Listening to music can help get the bloody pumping and keep you motivated but don’t let it distract you from what’s happening around you. Reducing your hearing means you’re less likely to hear vehicles, people or animals. The Aftershokz headphones range are great for producing excellent sound quality whilst letting you be aware of what’s around you.

Be Seen
Hi-viz clothing is absolutely essential this time of year. Car drivers need to be able to see you so it’s worth investing in some hi-viz running gear that ensures you’re seen from the front and back.

Light it up
If you’re running in rural areas then it’s well worth investing in a running head or chest torch. Not only does it help you keep visible to others, it will help ensure you can see where you’re placing your feet for every step, which is essential in icy, slippery conditions. If you’re trail running then a head torch moves from being a luxury to essential.

Take your phone
Now we know it’s great to get away from technology for many on their run but switch off its notifications and it can be a crucial safety tool in your running armoury. It’s worth considering a running belt you can put your phone in or perhaps an armband.

Mix it up
We all have our favourite go-to route but try not to do it at the same time, every day. Predictability is your foe here and if you don’t feel comfortable running somewhere then don’t. Find a better lit area or head home.