Topo Specter 60 mile update

Topo Specter 60 mile update

I’ve now run 60 miles in my pair of Topo Specter, so I thought it would be nice to write an update to my original review.


As you can imagine, I have a lot of shoes in my collection to chose from. I have my favourites, as I’m sure you have too. The Topo Specter is definitely one of the first shoes I consider before lacing up for a run. 


When I first ran in the Specter, the aggressive forefoot rocker caught me by surprise. I run a lot in HOKA’S, so I’m used to a rockered shoe. The Specter felt as if I was being thrown forward with every step. 60 miles in, and I’m now used to the sensation. This is a shoe that come into its own when you pick up the pace. I’ve experimented with lengthening my stride, and increasing my cadence in order to speed up, and in both cases, the Specter felt like it was saying “let’s go!”.


In terms of signs of wear, the outsole is still looking good. I was a little worried about the durability of the thin outsole, but it’s stood up to the Norwich pavements brilliantly. The midsole isn’t showing signs of wear, and the upper still fits beautifully around my heel and mid foot.


The Specter is quite a rigid shoe with the forefoot rocker encouraging a powerful toe off. The upper is light and breathable. It’s not as soft as the majority of my shoes, but I enjoy the slower miles as much as the faster, interval efforts. 


The Topo Specter won’t suit everyone, but it’s definitely worth giving it a chance just in case!

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