Light as a feather!

Light as a feather!

Sportlink manager, Karen, has been out and about shoe testing again. This time, she has been putting the Topo Cyclone 2 through its paces…

I took the Topo Cyclone 2 out for a 4 mile test run with an open mind - not quite knowing what to expect from this shoe. I’ve enjoyed my runs in the Topo’s max cushioned, easy run shoe, the Atmos. The Topo Specter has also become a favourite in my rotation with its snappier, more aggressive rocker. However, being a slower, heavier runner, I felt that I might not be able to appreciate the Cyclone 2’s features.

First impressions:

I feel that the Cyclone is slightly narrower in the toe box than the Atmos and Specter. Although it has Topo’s anatomical toe box which allows the toes to spread naturally and comfortably, I didn’t feel that my foot was swimming in space. I like the fact that it narrows around the midfoot and that my heel felt secure at the back. There are two little loops on the tongue which mean that despite the absence of a gusseted tongue, it doesn’t slip at all. The lace length is perfect for me and they didn’t come untied or loose during the run.

The step in feel in comfortable. Obviously, it’s not as cushioned as the Atmos, but there is still a very pleasant underfoot sensation. There is a full Pebax midsole - and yes, it’s the OG, proper Pebax!

The upper is very minimal but did its job of supporting my feet and was very breathable. 

The shoe is insanely light. For my Womens UK 6.5, they came in at 167g each which is probably the lightest shoe we have at Sportlink.

On the Run:

I’m no longer fast, and I was worried that I would ‘bottom out’ the midsole as I spend more time in contact with the ground than the more pacey runners. I shouldn’t have been concerned as the Cyclone 2 were a dream. I heel strike in my right foot and midfoot strike on my left due to an old rugby injury, and both of my feet were very happy in the shoe. There is a fair amount of heel cushioning to accommodate my right foot, yet my left one was also comfortable. The stack height is 28mm (heel) and 23mm (forefoot), giving a heel to toe drop of 5mm. This suits me perfectly as I normally run in low drop shoes such as Hoka and Altra.

I felt very easy running in the Cyclone 2 and posted a negative split on Strava as I got faster and faster. That’s my kind of shoe!

Summing up:

The Cyclone 2 won’t suit everyone due to its low heel drop, but for someone looking for a non-plated performance shoe with a low stack height and comfortable toe box, it’s well worth a try. Due to its weight (or lack of) you can barely feel it on your feet. I would probably only do up to a half marathon in a pair, and if I was looking for a 5k or 10k PB shoe, then these would definitely be strong contenders

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