Video Gait Analysis

What is Video Gait Analysis?

A video gait analysis involves observing someone walking and running on a treadmill, whereby it is filmed from behind and physically observed from all directions. The footage is then analysed by one of our highly qualified staff using Dartfish Video Analysis software which enables us to replay footage in slow motion, as well as giving us the facility to measure angles and synchronise video clips side by side. From this information the correct type of footwear can be identified.

This helps us to analyse differences in gait patterns between running with old or unsuitable footwear, and new footwear suited to your biomechanical needs.

You will run on the treadmill for a short period of time (around 10 seconds) whilst a video clip is taken; once this has been taken, one of our qualified members of staff will talk you through the stages of the gait cycle, and answer any questions you may have about what is happening in the video.

After looking at the video we will endeavour to recommend suitable footwear to ensure that any inefficiencies or problems identified in the gait analysis are catered for*.

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How can it help me?

Video Gait Analysis can help to identify any biomechanical inefficiencies in your running style, that may cause injury problems if wearing shoes that do not suit the way you run.

In addition, any existing injury problems brought on through running can often be explained and understood through a gait analysis - common problems identified include:

  • Fallen/Collapsed Arches
  • Over-pronation/Supination
  • Leg Length Discrepancies
  • Knee Alignment
  • Shoulder Alignment

What do I need to bring with me?

If possible - bring your existing running shoes, or any pair that you've got on well with or had any problems with.

We will be able to check for any abnormal wear on the sole of the shoe which will aid us in our diagnosis of your running style.

Running shorts/tights are also helpful - but not essential - it just means we can analyse the movements in the lower leg more easily than in full length trousers.

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Our Video Gait Analysis is free of charge with all footwear purchases**

Getting a video gait analysis done for yourself couldn't be easier, simply pop into our store and you will be having your gait analysed within minutes by one of our highly trained staff.

Please feel free to contact us about any other information you wish to require simply by calling us on 01603 868606 e-mail us on

* Please note that we can only recommend and that all final purchases are at your own discretion
** A £15.00 charge will apply if not purchasing footwear.