Sports Glasses Feature: Coleman Opticians

The lovely weather is here and for many of us that enjoy exercise everyday it's important to have the right eye protection. Kate & Radley Fenn, seasoned runners and owners of Coleman Opticians share advice and Top Tips about sunglasses.

There are three main reasons for choosing sports eyewear, function, safety and performance.

For the safety of sports glasses, there are mainly two points that deserve careful evaluation.

Firstly, sports glasses can protect our eyes from dangerous objects that are involved in different sports. For example, during some ball games, a fast-moving ball or racquets in a confined space or pokes and jabs from team players or competitors can cause a serious injury to the eye. as can debris while cycling or running. What is more devastating, a great portion of eye injuries covered by official statistics are severe and beyond perfect recovery and many people have to endure life-long vision deterioration. secondly, they must be ‘fit for purpose’ made from the correct materials and correctly fitted.

The functionality of the glasses is also very important.

Sports glasses can help players achieve good performance during both regular training and matches. This function comes from the special designs of both sports eyewear frames and lenses. More specifically, most sports eyewear manufacturers choose to design wraparound frames in order to provide optimal protection for your eyes. Moreover, they also use polycarbonate to produce lenses for sports eyewear, bringing precious features such as impact resistance, lightness and extreme thinness.


Overall performance can be improved simply by giving the player the ability to see clearly via either prescription lenses or contacts. The colour of your lens can also be of huge benefit to your performance, there are various tints and filters designed to help in certain conditions by enhancing what you need to see and giving all around clarity and brightness in certain conditions and improving dynamic vision.

How to select a pair of suitable sports glasses.

We specialise in helping match your needs with the correct solution. We will assess your vision and whether a prescription lens is required at all and if best suited in glasses on contact lenses if it is. from the design and function of the frame, the fit and comfort and bespoke tints and filters to best help with dynamic vision and contrast sensitivity, we can give you a perfect pair of sports glasses or goggles that will help you perform at your very best.

We'd like to thank Kate, Radley and the fabulous team at Coleman Opticians for all the support that they give the running community and of course other sportsmen and women for their excellent advice and superb range of sports eyewear that can purchased from their online shop here


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