We regularly feature one of the Sportlink team for a Q&A.

This month it's our newest team member in the spotlight -  Katie Goldsmith

How is your season going?
Not how I hoped it would, sadly I haven’t raced since the winter season but would love to get back into the summer league events on track.

Have you had any serious injuries?
My worst injury was probably when I had  Osgood-schlatter disease in my knees, it took me out of running for a few months back in under 15. 

What is your favourite race distance?
Definitely 800m, one of the hardest events but so much fun to compete in, I’ve been doing 800m  for 7 years now. 4x400 is pretty fun though as it’s usually the last race of the day so gets very competitive. 

Favourite pre-race food?
Porridge and a banana for breakfast and pasta for lunch. 

Do you have any post-race recovery tips, food drink, rest?
No matter where I am, I always have hot chocolate after a race, especially if it’s winter season, then have a hot bath when I get home and rest the next day. 

Do you have a superstitious colour or piece of kit?
When I was younger I used to make bracelets in my club colours, red and yellow, I always made sure to wear the bracelets as I thought they gave me good luck.

If you were able to do any other sport, what would you choose?
I would love to compete in horse riding as I’ve always loved horses and used to ride when I younger. 

If you had an ideal weather condition and time of day to run, what would it be?
Perfect time to race for me would be around 3-4 o’clock, not too hot but still sunny and maybe a little bit of rain just before my race but not during.

What shoes are running in currently?
The shoes I’m currently using the most are the Hoka Arahi’s, for running and for work. 

Who’s your running hero?
I’ve never really had one specific hero in running but if I had to pick someone who I’ve always watched and supported it would be Jessica Ennis- hill. 

What’s the best thing about working at Sportlink?
The people !! The staff and the customers. The shop has such a great atmosphere and I never stop laughing which makes me look forward to coming in to work. 

Jaffa cake, cake or biscuit?
Definitely a biscuit, no doubt about it.