Hong Kong Marathon Jan 25th 1987

The Hong Kong Marathon Jan 25th 1987.
The last couple of weeks leading up to this race was spent running in Arctic conditions in Norfolk whereby training was almost impossible with snow drifts blocking roads and running on top of what I thought was deep snow only to discover that cars had been deserted on some of the country roads and lanes and left to be buried under 10 feet of the white stuff. I even remember seeing a snow plough grind to a halt whilst running through Horsford wearing spikes on my feet for what was meant to be a 12 mile road run!


Hong Kong 2When stepping off the plane at what was the old famous Kai Tak Airport, the warmth and humidity was a massive contrast to when boarding the plane at Heathrow that's for sure.

However and what a fantastic week and even though at the time I wasn't particularly happy with my 3rd place performance (2:23:03), finishing just over 2 mins behind the Race Winner Rick Mannen who went on to represent Canada in The World Cup a few months later and a minute behind the amazing American Doug Kurtis who went on to run the marathon under 2 hours 20 minutes an incredible seventy six times including a 2:15 marathon aged 42.

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Three decades on and looking back, I certainly now treasure the memories of my time out there even more so that's for sure. Rick Mannen is now a leading coach in his home Country and Doug Kurtis is still involved with running by way of race organisation. To add to Doug's amazing running CV, he also completed his 200th sub 3 hour marathon (2:59:06) aged 61 four years ago.

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