Monthly Archives: November 2020

Neil Featherby: Running legends of the past can teach us so much

“That was really hard” - a comment I have heard from several runners who I advise during the last couple of weeks. Whilst this year has most certainly not followed the usual pattern for any of us, in running terms this is a time of year when winter work starts and that of course means after a…
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Neil Featherby: Running goals and how to ensure your motivation survives

    I regularly talk about motivation and what lies behind a person’s drive and determination to achieve their goals. What with the current Covid situation and basically so many things being put on hold, retaining motivation really is so very important. Earlier this week my other half Steph had to put together a video…
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Dark Matter

Dark matter... Don’t let the dark stop you from running this time of year. It can seem a bit daunting but stay alert and follow this advice and there’s no reason you can’t keep clocking up the miles long after the sun sets… Avoid loud music Listening to music can help get the bloody pumping…
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